Beach House

The owners purchased this small peninsula, entirely within the boundaries of a coastal dune, for its serene views of the beach and unspoiled saltwater marsh. A 70’s house in poor repair was demolished, presenting us with the problem of how to make cohesive architecture out of a convoluted plan. Environmental regulations required that we design entirely within the outline of the existing foundation and volume of the old house, and yet the owners had a building program which pushed these limits. We solved the problem by designing guest bedrooms, baths and kitchen with no square inch wasted, interlocked with two very generous spaces where the owners spend most of their time: the master bedroom and living room, which have high ceilings, and sweeping views of the water. Interwoven is a range of opportunities to display the owners’ collection of Asian artifacts. The best pieces were gathered over 25 years of work and travel in China, Japan and Tibet. Susan Thorn Interiors of Cross River, New York was responsible for furnishings and color selections.The general contractor was Wright-Ryan Construction. Stephen Pondelis, now of Attardo Pondelis Architecture, was significantly involved in the design and construction management of the project.

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